Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pablo Archuleta and His Friend Manuel Garcia

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This is a photo of Manuel Garcia and Pablo Archuleta. I have no idea when it was taken. It is a copy from an old tinplate I have. My mother gave me the tin plate and told me the names of the folks. Pablo was her maternal  uncle. She spoke fondly of him. I have not been able to make out what they had in their hands.  

Manuel Garcia is on the left and my Grandmother's brother Pablo Archuleta is on the right. I do not know anything of Manuel Garcia. Pablo Archuleta was the son of Juan de Jesus Archuleta and Marianna Duran. He was married to a woman by the name of Juana Garcia, so this was probably his brother in law. But, at this time, that is speculation on my part.

Pablo was born circa 1871 and probably in Santa Fe or Las Ruedas, New Mexico.

Mariage information for Pablo and Juana comes from page 37 of the publication "New Mexico Marriages, Pecos, October 1862 - April 1904" published by the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico. Witnesses at the wedding were Roman Gabaldon and his wife.

Pablo Archuleta and Juana Garcia had one son Higinio, who did not live to adulthood. Juana lived to be an old woman and died in Salt Lake City, UT where she lived the last years of her life with relatives. I do not know when Pablo died, I never met him so he was dead prior to the 1950's.

Pablo killed a man from Parajito, New Mexico and was sent to the  New Mexico State penitentiary. I do not know who he killed and how long he was in Prison. Nor do I know of any of the details. 

Cleta Archuleta

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This is my maternal grandmother Ignacia's older sister Cleta. She was the second child of Juan de Jesus Archuleta and Maria Anna Duran and was born circa 1854 - 1855 either in Santa Fe or Las Ruedas, New Mexico.

Enumerated in the 1860 Census at Las Ruedas, San Miguel, New Mexico Territory, Roll M653_713, page 336, image 63. Las Ruedas was on the Pecos River about a mile down the arroyo from today's Rowe, New Mexico. In this census there was Juan de Jesus age 60, Maria Mariana age 20, Jose Eulogio age 8 and Cleta age 6.

According to the church records in Santa Fe, by the time Juan De Jesus Archuleta and Maria Anna Duran married on 10 September 1862 they had Jose Eulogio 9, Cleta 7, and Margarita 2. According to the marriage information they "legitimized" them at the time of the marriage.

This information sets her birth date for either 1854 or 1855. She married an individual named Donaciano Martinez and had one child, Higinio Martines who died before reaching the age of 6.

I would guess that the picture was taken sometime around 1900 judging by the way they added the puffy sleeves and collar. It is similar to the picture, in one of my earlier posts, of my grand parents Roman Benavidez and Ignacia Archuleta with Maria Anna Duran and their son Jose Benavidez. I would guess she had her hair tied in a bun behind her head. Anyway, if my guess is right about the date when it was taken, it would make Cleta 44 or 45.