Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Governor Bent Had it Coming

No man deserved his end and the ways of his end more than the first New Mexican governor after the American occupation of the province, Charles Bent. Everything that happened to him and his, he had coming.

I quote the *book, listed below:

"It was a common opinion of non Catholic Americans in New Mexico that every priest was a corrupt and vicious shepherd, leading a flock of stupid and hypocritical sheep. No one was more violent on the subject than Charles Bent, who wrote about the Mexicans three years before he became their governor."

From the same book I quote Charles Bent himself in his own words, spelling and all:
  • Thare religion consistes intirely in outward show, they have no idea a sinsear devotion, they are taught to belive that thare priestes are the only medadiator betwean the supriem being and themselves, and eaven in this, you can acheave gerat benifits by a lavish present of gold, thare valler consists of Boasting and show whare  thare is no danger. The Mexican caracter is made up of Stupidity, obstinancy, Ignorance duplicity and vanity.
There is no doubt in my mind that the people who assassinated him were New Mexican patriots and New Mexican heroes. New Mexicans and their descendants need shed no tears for "Governor Bent" nor the likes of him.

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*Reference pages 70 and 71 of the book titled " Pueblo, Herdscrabble, Greenhorn, Society on the High Plains, 1832 - 1856" written by Janet Lecompte and published in 1978 by the University of Oklohoma Press.