Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mis Christmes, Begging for Goodies on Christmas Morn. In the New Mexico of the 1950's

La Sagrada Familia Catholic Church in Rowe, New Mexico

MIS CHRISTMES, MIS CHRISTMAS. That was the cry on Christmas morning in Rowe, New Mexico in the 1950's as kids went door to door asking for goodies. I do not know when the practice started nor when it ended, nor how general it was, but in Rowe, New Mexico in the 1950's it was great. After midnight mass you slept a bit, got up and ate and went out begging for goodies. Sorta like Halloween except no mischief and it was during the the morning of Christmas day.

There were few presents under the tree, if you had a tree. We used to have one but only lit the lights every now and then.

Mrs. Carlos (Maude) Creamer and Gumicenda Benavides had popcorn balls, mi madrina Teresita Archuleta had panocha. Others had candy cane, bischochitos, ginger snaps, fig newtons, apples, oranges. You never knew what you would get.

I wonder when it started and why? When did the practice die out?