Friday, March 25, 2011

Hispanic's in New Mexico are the Majority!!!! Again

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At one time prior to 1846 we Hispanics were the majority, the great majority in New Mexico. The "Hispanics", the Indians, los Mestizos, a few Frenchmen and a few Americans, that was it. Then came 1846 and the American invasion, occupation and annexation of New Mexico by the Americans.

I am not sure when the change occurred that made New Mexican Hispanics a minority in our own State. But my guess that it was right around the time of statehood, 1912 or sometime before. The Americans would not have let New Mexico in as a state with a Hispanic majority. Nooooooo sireeee, they would not have admitted us into the union until they were guaranteed a majority.

Americans of the era did not and would not tolerate what they saw as un American voters winning at elections and governing with them. So they waited until they could guarantee they could elect their officials.

There is still some fear of that in parts of New Mexico, especially south of I-40.

Anyway, those that fear it will have to deal with it in their own way. But we are the majority in the homeland once again.