Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A.K.A. Also Known As

Some common diminutive's in Sapnish/Mexican New Mexican names. There are many others but they were not as commom.

Apolonio, Leopoldo etc = Polo
Anastacio = Tacho
Gertrudes = Tules
Dolores = Lola
Florentino = Tino
Manuel(a) = Melo(a)
Francisco(a) = Kiko(a)
Francisco(a) also = Pancho(a)
Guillermo = Gillie or Gile
Isabella = Chavela
Consuelo = Chelo
Arturo = Tudi
Guadalupe = Lupe or Pita
Deluvina = Vina
Magdelena = Nena

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Genetic Testing To Determine Genealogical Identy

Back to an old problem I have had researching the family, and I have been at it for many, many years now.

There are folks, none real close, but several that I have talked to who claim that someone somewhere told them they were Jews. That someone somewhere had taken a DNA test of some kind and had proved that they were Jews.

The link below has some scientific proof that this is not possible.

There is no doubt in my mind that there were a lot of Jews in Spain that were forced to convert. There  is also no doubt in my mind that there were more Moslem Arabs in Spain who were forced to convert. And, as all know, both Arabs and Jews are Semites, they belong to the same racial group. So if there is a chance of you have a smattering of Jewish blood there is a lot bigger chance you have Arab blood and a DNA test cannot tell the difference..

But folks have "emotional" needs and religion of some kind and to some degree is where they find solace. Not a big problem with that until they start acting goofy. And it seems to happen with the study of the family.

The problems I seem to encounter if folks wanting to be 100% Spanish, or folks thinking their ancestors were Jewish. A funny thing is that some wish to deny their past as related to having mixed with the Indians. Most Anglos are just the opposite, they  do anything to find a trace of Indian blood.

Anyway, the object of the post is to caution about the myth that DNA can prove things genealogical wise.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Miguel Armijo

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I was "searching" the internet the other day and bumped into this image of the June 26, 1974 edition of the Santa Fe Reporter. It was their very first issue and guess who was on the front page. An old family friend, now long gone, Miguel Armijo.  But I remember Miguel, he was quite a guy, always thought different than the rest of us. We could go and/or come along if we wanted to but he was going ahead anyway. Miguel was a distant relative but very close to the family anyway. More so than some closer relatives.

I remember him as El Asomodeo, second in command to Lucifer himself in Los Pastores in Rowe back in the  late 1950's and early 1960's. He was Juan Diego in the local production of the presentation of Nuestrs Sra. de Guadalupe that my mother, Rufegio Benavidez, used to put on back then. Miguel made one hell of an Asmodeo and an even better Juan Diego. Rosina Archuleta (now Herrera) was always cast  as Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. There were several "gilas" in los Pastores that I recall.

Miguel always seemed to be ready to help with the productions and was a willing and very good actor. Sort of a natural at it.

I remember that he had a pair of oxen that he had trained and used in parades around the area. The only functioning oxen I have ever saw. Seen plenty of horses and some mules a couple of times, but  he had the only  oxen team. I figured out the word "buey" from him.

Miguel was also an "hermano", he would pick us up when we were to go to the Morada at Las Colonias for a service or for a regular meeting of la Hermandad. 

Anyway, bumping into this picture brought back many memories de Miguel. Que descanse en pas.