Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Other New Mexican Patriots

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Beautiful New Mexican Sunset.

Reference Ralph Emerson Twitchell, Leading Facts of New Mexican History, volume 2, p. 232.

The insurgents in the 1846 plot to expel the Americans were: Tomas Ortiz, who had been alcalde of Santa Fe, Juan Felipe Ortiz, the vicario, Diego Archuleta, Domingo C. de Baca, Miguel E. Pino, Nicolas Pino, Manuel Chavez, Santiago Armijo, Agustine Duran, Pablo Dominguez, Jose Maria Sanchez, Antonio Maria Trujillo, Santiago Martinez, Pascual Martinez, Vicente Martinez, Antonio Ortiz, Facundo Pino, the Reverend Antonio Jose Martinez, Fr. Leyva.

These men considered themselves to be patriots, and unwilling to see their country lost without a single effective blow. Not one of them had favored the abandonment at Apache Pass by Governor Armijo. The plan as formed by these men was that on the appointed day those engaged in the conspiracy in Santa Fe were to gather at the church and remain concealed. Meanwhile friends from the surrounding country, under the lead of Archuleta, were to be brought into the city and distributed in various houses where they would be unobserved.

At midnight the church bell was to sound and then the men within the church were to come fourth and all were to rendezvous immediately in the plaza, sieze the cannon there, and aim them so as to command the leading points, while detachments under special orders were to attack the palace and the quarters of General Price, and make them prisoners. The people throughout the whole north had been secretly notified and were only awating news of the rising at santa Fe in order to join in the revolt and make it a success.

We do not know what New Mexico would be like today had they been successful. But descendants of New Mexicans owe these patriots a debt that cannot be repaid. Antonio Maria trujillo went before a kangaroo court, was convicted and hung. Who knows why the remainder of these folks were not. Some continued to be active in New Mexico politics.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A New Mexican Patriot, Hung For Treason!!!!!

don Antonio Maria Trujillo was a true New Mexican Patroit. And he paid the ultimate price for his patriotism. New Mexicans owe don Antonio a huge debt of gratituide for his sacrafice. We ought to petition the State for a memorial in his honor.

don Antonio Maria Trujillo was the first person hung under the United States government after they invaded and annexed New Mexico. He was hung April 16, 1847 in Santa Fe.

don Antonio was a native of Santa Fe and had been appointed as Inspector of Arms by the Mexican government in Mexico City. He was tried and convicted for treason by Judge Joab Houghton on March 16, 1847. Two of the principal pieces of evidence were the following documents which the government of the United States intercepeted:

Document 1 was delivered to don Antonio Maria Trujillo......

To the Defenders of Their Country:
With the end to shake off the yoke imposed upon us by a foreign government and as you are Inspector General, appointed by the legitimate Commander for the supreme government of Mexico, which we proclaim in favor of, the moment that you receive this communication you will place in readiness all of the companies under your command, keeping them ready for the 22nd day of the present month, so that the forces may be on the day relentless at that point. Take the precaution to observe if the forces of the enemy advance any toward those points, and if it should so happen, appoint a courier and dispatch him immediately so that diversions may be doubled. Understant that there must not be resistance or delay in giving the answer to the bearer of this official document.

Document 2 was written by don Antonio Maria Trujillo........

By the Order of the Inspector of Arms.
don Antonio Maria Trujillo: I here - unto you send this order that the moment this comes into your hand you will raise all of the forces together with all the inhabitants that are able to bear arms, connecting them also with persons in San Juan Caballeros, by the morning of the 22nd day of the present month, and no later than 8 O'clock in the morning. We have declared war with the Americans and it is now time that we take our arms in our hands in defence of our prostrate country. You will be held responsible if you fail in the execution of the above order.