Friday, August 29, 2014

Mi Padrino de Confirmacion, Telesfor Archuleta Y Otros Archuleta's De Rowe, New Mexico En La Primer Guerra Mundial

Telesfor(o) Archuleta's World War I record. Telesfor, my padrino de confirmacion, was one of three Archuletas to actually serve in World War I from Rowe, New Mexico. They were all close cousins. The other two were Patricio Archuleta and a Juan de Jesus Archuleta. Patricio was the son of Jose Antonio Archuleta and Manuela Bowles and Juan de Jesus was the son of Marcos Archuleta and Gertrudes Alarid.

A lot of information is on this sheet for Telefsor(o), his father, mother, brother and wife. His penmanship is a bit rough, but we must consider it was November 19, 1919 in New Mexico. Education was rough and hard to find, public schools, if any, were to be found only in Santa Fe and maybe Las Vegas.
Front of a post card Telesfor sent to his wife Teresa Gallegos Archuleta from France while he was in the service there during la "Primera Guerra Mundial" (First World War).
Here is the back of the card, written in Spanish. Click on the image to see it regular size. The translation is as follows:

Mrs. Teresita G. Archuleta.

My dearest wife, I beg my God that when this (card) arrives (and) in your hands I hope it finds you well (vuena) in union and in company of all the family at home. 

Note: You can try and figure out the rest yourself. It is just a card from France during the war and he laments there is no picture to send.

The pictures below are the only ones I could find, none was available for my padrino Telesfor(o) Archuletas.

This is Patricio Archuleta
This is Juan de Jesus Archuleta

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sebestian Benavidez

Pretty much everything I know about Sebestian Benavidez, my grandfather's first cousin, is on this document. Interesting document and picture postcard. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Look No Further, New Mexico Is The Homeland

Look No Further, New Mexico Is The Homeland. After 416 (1598 to 2014) years here we need look no further for our history, it is right here under our noses. Our ancestors came north from Mexico under the direction and with don Juan de Onate. As a New Mexican or a descendant of a New Mexican, New Mexico is the homeland. Your history is here. The history of your ancestors is right here in New Mexico, everywhere you look.