Saturday, April 7, 2012

En la Tierra de los Siegos, el Tuerto es Rey.

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I Have been reading the book Turmoil in New Mexico, 1846-1868 by William A. Keleher published by Rydal Press in Santa Fe, New Mexico and first published in 1952. I mean to tell you this book is an eye opener. Actually it is 4 books in one.

  1. General Kearny Comes to Santa Fe - Depicts the American occupation of New Mexico and the southwest by the Army of the West.
  2. The Confederates Invade New Mexico - This is about the Confederates trying, and almost succeeding, in taking New Mexico into the Confederate States of America as a slave holding state.
  3. Carlton's California Column - Depicts the march of the California Column to New Mexico to aid in the U.S. Civil War. Even though the Confederates had been defeated by the time they got here, this "column" had a great impact in New Mexico History.
  4. The Long Walk - This is about the final subjugation of the Apache and Navajo nations.
This book was written before the New Mexicans or Indians had anything to say about anything, so the book is very interesting. Published before the politically correct era, so we get a good idea as to what and how the Americans achieved the goal of annexing the southwest in that era of manifest destiny.

The title of this post, En la Tierra de los Siegos, el Tuerto es Rey, says it all. New Mexicans and Indians did not have a chance. Circumstances were beyond their control by this time. Too, too many mistakes had been made by both New Mexicans and Indians for far too long. In the 248 years (1598 - 1846) when New Mexico was part of New Spain and later the Republic of Mexico New Mexicans and Indians had set the stage for the take over not only of New Mexico, of which Arizona was a part of, but California and parts of Colorado, Nevada and Utah as well.

An excellent read, head to the library and take the time to read it.