Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some Wanted the Americans to Come

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The image is a painting of Zebulon Pike crossing into the area around the San Luis Valley in then New Spain, later the Department of New Mexico and later yet the present state of Colorado. Pike led an expedition into the area in 1806 and 1807. He was supposed to be exploring, the government in New Mexico thought he was a spy for an later invasion. New Mexico was then a part of New Spain, later it would become part of the republic of Mexico and later yet a part of the United States.

He was captured in the area and taken to Santa Fe and later on into Mexico for trespassing into the area. The group was taken to and arrived in Santa Fe on Tuesday March 3rd of 1807. From there the group was transferred into the interior where he became friends with one of his captors, don Bartolome Fernandez. While escorting the Pike group the guard had too much to drink and don Fernandes and Pike visited like old friends. To quote Pike:

After the old man had taken his quantum sifficit and gone to sleep, my friend (don Bartolome Fernandez) and myself sat up for some hours, he explaining to me their situation, the great desire they (New Mexicans) felt for a change of affairs and an open trade with the United States. I pointed out to him with chalk on the floor, the geographical connection and route from North Mexico and Louisiana and finally gave him a certificate addressed to the citizens of the United States stating his friendly disposition and his being a man of influence. This paper he seemed to estimate as a very valuable acquisition as he was decidedly of opinion we (the United States) would invade that country (New Mexico) the ensuing spring; and not all of my assurances to the contrary could eradicate that idea.

So it seems like some knew the United States were preparing to come and invade New Mexico and some like don Bartolome Fernandez wanted the United States to come. In fact they were encouraging it.

The information quoted here is from a book titled "The Great Plains" by Walter Prescott Webb published by Grosset and Dunlop in New York in 1931.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

WW1 Draft Registration

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My maternal grandfather did not serve in the armed forces during the 1st World War, but he registered for the draft. Several men from Rowe, New Mexico did. My "padrino" Telesfor Archuleta served during the 1st World War.

Anyway, look at the document and you get a brief snapshot of the time. He is listed as a laborer with the AT&SF Railroad. His wife was listed as Ignacia Archuleta. He is listed as age 45 and his birthday is listed as is the name of the person doing the registering, C.M. Creamer. The Creamers were Rowe residents until the 1970's if I recall correct.

His His race is listed, as is the fact that he was native born, and woking in Glorieta and that he was short and stout and had no arms or legs missing. Finally the document is signed by him and C.M. Creamer on September 12, 1918.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Some Saw It Coming

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At least Padre Antonio Jose Martinez did. Here is a letter he wrote to Bishop Zuniga on September 2 1845.

My Dearest Father in Jesus Christ,

As I see things over here, this Department (New Mexico) will have to belong to the neighboring nation of the north that tolerates all Religions. For some time it has coveted this area, and according to what I observe, our rulers disregard these perils pretending not to believe what they are told even though the time of the change of sovereignty is near..... The change over to the Unites States will mean the introduction of diverse religious sects that are tolerated in that country according to their constitution; but given what little I know by the grace of God, and my determination, I am ready to resist with all my strength the propagation of these sects.


Goes to show that there were several folks who could see the invasion before it happened. It seems like Padre Martinez was worried from a religious standpoint. But the fate of my ancestors was sealed.

New Mexico and New Mexicans were dependent on the U.S. Economy, not the Mexican economy. They had been since opening up New Mexico to the American Traders after the Mexican Independence from Spain.

The letter is from a book titled "Changing National Identities at the Frontier, Texas and New Mexico, 1800 - 1850" written by Andres Resendez and published by the Cambridge University Press. It is a very good history of some of the things that transpired during the period.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

They Killed the Governor!!!!!

Two of my ancestors were beheaded on the plaza in Santa Fe for being involved in the assassination of Governor Luis de Rosa on January 25, 1642. They were 2 of 8 individuals to die on July 21, 1643. Two of my ancestors Antonio Baca and Francisco Salazar de Hachero were found guilty of being involved in the assassination.

The others were Nicolas Ortiz, Diego Marquez, Juan de Archuleta, Juan Ruiz de Hinojos, Diego Martin Barba and Cristobal Enriquez,

According to Fray Hernando Covarrubias, after Francisco Salazars head was severed, much to everyone's amazement, he miraculously recited the Apostles Creed from start to finish. Quite a feat, don't you think? If you do not believe me check out "When Jesus came the Corn Mothers Went Away" by Ramon A. Gutierrez. The reference is on page 117.

Anyway, they were found guilty of murder and sedition and executed. Right on the Plaza in Santa Fe.