Sunday, September 4, 2016

Obituaries, Keep Them Sane

Obituaries, remembering the dead. Some observations as I pay attention to them more and more. Here is a doozie I was looking at the other day: 

He srved in the United States Army, was a pilot, a dedicated Christian and father, a family role model, a high school basketball state champion. 

Boxer/fighter, a mountaineer, a chef, a negotiator, a musician, a singer whom did it "My Way", an educator/teacher/tutor, a philanthropist, a savior for the poor children, an avid golfer, (two) hole-in-ones, and finally, simply a gem, He will be missed as he had a zest for life, yet will not be forgotten.

They forgot to add his walking on water.  He was not humble that is for sure, or those remembering him were very, very proud of his accomplishments! I assume that with all of these qualities he ended up at the pearly gates to find Jesus and his dad, St. Peter and Mary all clapping as he went through.

My advice is to keep it simple, the dearly departed is gone, we should in all reality leave the aggrandizement to others as they remember them. Like my grandfather used to say, "vive cuando vivo y cuando toca la muerte, muere te!" Live when alive and when death knocks, die!

The very best obituary was for a distant relative Mela Romero, I posted about it at the weblink below. That was a tribute that is hard to beat. I never met Mela but can admire a woman who was so well thought of by others.

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New Mexican said...

How about this one I found;

Sculptor, painter, firedancer, welder, archer, beekeeper, botanist, fisherwoman, actress, model, strider, exquisite cook, shamanesqe healer, mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend to all who had the fortune of knowing her.