Sunday, May 7, 2017

La Cautiva Marcelina

Very interesting song:

Sung by Virginia Bernal of Raton many years (1960's - 1970's) ago.

There were two (2) different women named Virginia Bernal who had ties to the Raton area, and were somewhat close in age. Not real sure that they were both in the area at the time the song was recorded.

One was born 25 January 1915 and died  9 August 2001 in Raton, New Mexico and came by her surname from her husband, Cristobal Bernal. I have not been able to find her birth parents.

The other one was the daughter of Juan Pablo Bernal and Teresina Lopez and was born 7 August 1920 in Tinaja, NM in Colfax County just a few miles from Raton. She died on 2 May 2002.

Both women had close ties to Tinaja and may very well been related by either blood or marriage or both.

I am not sure which one sang the song, it could have been either but most likely the first one noted here. She seems to have lived in the area when the song was recorded.

If you can help out, drop me a note and help out solving the mystery.

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