Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Genealogy, Never, Ever Complete......

The genealogical puzzle is never ever complete, never. It is very interesting finding a piece here and there, but it is never really complete. It is the nature of the beast. Some pieces just fall into place, others not so much. Some mysteries are solved and others crop up as you look and find relatives. Some are destined never to be found.
Most genealogical charts are represented by the picture above, with a few known and many unknown pieces outside of the main picture. Some folks do not want to find certain pieces of the puzzle. Others, I am sure, omit certain known pieces that do not fit their narrative of "family".

To find a relative who was a crook or desperado 150 years ago seems not only ok, but to add some color to the tree. But the guy on the evening news who was drunk and killed several people in an automobile accident..... Well, some will eliminate or not add him to their tree because of this.

To find that GGGreat grand ma did something stupid may be ok, even funny on occasion, but not one close on the genealogical chart. Not mom or grand ma. They were saints and if you dare add it!!!!!

I have shared charts along with notes on the individuals in the chart that I happened to share. The notes contain some information on where the information came from and a short note on the individual(s) themselves.  Sometimes I have been asked to "clean" up the narrative and even been asked to get rid if "it" from my database. I will usually clean up the version I gave them, but my database remains as it is.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

The data regarding those who "had to" get married has been suppressed in my family. Either that or they lost track.