Thursday, November 12, 2009

Las Ruedas, New Mexico in 1870

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 A few more folks are moving in and some of the others are gone. But the names are the same. Samuel Dean, born in Maine was new. He married a local lady Juliana Ortiz.

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Roque Salmeron, born in Mexico was new to Las Ruedas as was John B. Bowles from Virginia. John Bowles married a local woman by the name of Manuela Sena.  An interesting side note is that Roque Salmeron was taken by the Indians in Mexico and released at Las Ruedas. Most Salmeron's are descendants of this individual. He married an Archuleta woman by the name of Maria Librada.

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Here we have O.P.  Anderson from Georgia. Looks like he married a local lady also. I do not know her name.

By 1870 Las Ruedas had incorporated 4 strangers from across North America. Dean from Maine, Salmeron from Mexico, Bowles from Virginia and Anderson from Georgia. It was becoming quite the cosmopolitan village. Everyone else had been here for generations.

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I think this is my family line. Antonio son of Tomas is missing two children. Their names are Albino and Toribio. Albino is my great grandfather and my grandfather is Robert Sr and my father is Robert Jr.